Work Out Wednesday & Upper Body Tabata





Happy Work Out Wednesday!!  It is only midweek and it has proven to be a tough one.  Every night this week has been a late one.  The hubs has been working with his dad late, we’ve been visiting with the MIL who just flew back into town and tonight we have our church group.  All good things, but even good things can add a lot of stress to life.  With that being said, I need the extra energy pump I get from a good workout.  Enter….Upper Body Tabata (on speed).   Mission accomplished.  Once I caught my breath afterwards, I was feeling pretty good.

So are you all getting ready for the eating holidays??  I both dread and look forward to this time of year.  How to you stay active and healthy during the holidays?  I need some pointers on how to not wreck all my hardwork!!


Happy Sweating!signature2