Work Out Wednesday & Lower Body Strength Training


Happy Work Out Wednesday lovelies!  I hope you’ve had a wonderfully active week so far.  I am so happy to be lifting heavy again.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my HIIT workouts but I slacked far too long in the weight room after Zeke was born.  Making it to the gym just isn’t enough, we have to work hard while there!  You know, make it worth our time.

Today was my Lower Body day which just so happens to be my favorite!  Seriously, if you have not gotten acquainted with squats, get to know them and make them you BFF.  Squats are the best thing to happen to a females body.  Along with squats, here are my favorite go to lower body moves.


If you are unfamiliar with these moves uncomfortable start by practicing the moves with no weights.  Get comfortable with the proper form because neglecting your form is the quickest way to sideline your training.  I see people doing Romanian Deadlifts and Squats wrong ALL.THE.TIME. and it seriously makes me cringe. Check out the following links if you’d like to learn how to these exercises.










Happy lifting!