Work Out Wednesday – Back and Biceps



Happy Workout Wednesday!!  I must admit, I am a little off this week as far as my schedule goes.  We had child care fall through on Monday so I got to stay home from work and have a Zeke-Mommy Day!  It was awesome to get a glipse of the Stay At Home Mom life. I loved it!  Maybe one day…a girl can dream!

Well today was Back and Bicep day.  It’s not my favorite day, in fact I used to neglect it big time.  Then, I started changing my goals from things like….I want to drop 5lbs or I want to be a size 2 (um…never happened) to my new goals such as I want to master the handstand, do the splits, do a pull up!  And of course, in order to do a pull up you not only need strong biceps but also a strong back.  So, I started dedicating one of my days to Back and Biceps. Which, quite frankly, I should have been working anyhow.  Below is my routine for my back and biceps




Happy Sweating!