Tissue Paper Pumpkins – Easy No Carve DIY Pumpkin



Well, we’re on the countdown to Halloween and I’m using up all my pretty little pumpkins.   I love pumpkins and every fall I collect them.  We’re talking the real deal too, not the fake ones.  It’s kind of a hoarders habit because I don’t always know what to do with them.  In fact the ones we picked up over the weekend from the pumpkin patch are still just sitting in the garage.  I’m use they’ll find their way to the porch before the trick-or-treaters come.  I hope…

Thankfully this last pumpkin I decorated can continue to live out it’s Fall days without looking like Halloween leftovers.  This fancy little fella looks like it’s ready for tea time.  Like it could get chummy with some fine china!  This gem was made with 6 easy supplies and cost somewhere around 60 cents.  We have an incredible patch near us that had all their pumpkins, and I do mean ALL of them, for $1 each.  The cute little white ones were 3/$1!  I love that place.  If you’re from the Puyallup area, or there about, you should definitely check out Sterino Farms.




White Pumpkin (orange will show through the tissue paper)

Tissue Paper

Mod Podge (I use this stuff for everything!)

Sponge Brush

Paint & Paint brush (optional for stem)

I have seen a couple different ways to Mod Podge a pumpkin.  I chose to cut my tissue paper into stripes so that I was able to work with it a little easier and I could chose my pattern as I went.




Brush a thin layer of the Mod Podge on small area of the pumpkin.  Lay you tissue paper over the Mod Podge and smooth down against your pumpkin.  Continue to work in small sections until your pumpkin is completely covered.  It’s okay to wrinkle your tissue paper.  It doesn’t need to be perfect!  (That’s kind of my motto for all crafting!)  Once it is covered paint a very think layer of Mod Podge over your tissue paper to seal it.  Let dry.  If you chose to (and I think it completes the project) paint the stem with a coordinating color.  My paper had gold in it so I used a gold metallic paint on the stem. Plus it matched my Washi Tape Pumpkin that I made a couple of days ago.

Now you have a beautiful pumpkin that can hang around with that fancy dinner china that you only break out for
Thanksgiving and Christmas!


Happy Crafting!