Throw Back Thursday & Team America


Happy Throw Back Thursday – Halloween Edition!  We are one week closer to my 2nd favorite day of the year!  (Nothing competes with Christmas!).  Normally by now I have at least started my our costumes but not this year.  I am VERY behind.  This is the first year I will be making 3 costumes so I really need to get on it but I’ve been procrastinating.  So to continue procrastinating, let me show you one of my favorite past homemade costumes.  I guess you could say Team America is kind of a cult classic.  If you know the movie and liked it, you’ll love this costumes.

TeamAmericaWorld Police

Team America, for those unfamiliar, is a pretty raunchy action/comedy about ‘Merica all done with marionette dolls.  (I must have a thing for marionettes.)  The female clothing items were harder to find for this one then the male.  We needed pink, head to toe camo.  After lots of searching we finally found some.  I had to alter the top a bit but nothing more than a little nipping and tucking to fix the fit.  We found some plain gray bomber’ish style jackets.  Here’s where the crafting came in.  I added World Police to the back of the jackets with iron on letters.  We wanted shiny jackets like the characters and I couldn’t find the right material.  I knew you could make fabric with duct tape and make clothing so that’s what I did.

To make duct tape fabric:

Lay strips of duct tape sticky side up.

Line them up and layer them so that you get the width you need.

Now go back and lay strips sticky side down on top of the first set of strips.

Keep doing this until you have the size piece you need and then cut and sew away.

I loved this idea for the jackets because we were trying to replicate the lightning bolt flag on their sleeves.  Sewing through the tape is tough though. You need a really good needle and I opted to hand sew it since it was basically just large patches and well, I didn’t have a machine.   It took a long time and it made ‘my fingers hurt’. (“You just pulled landscaping duty!” Happy Gilmore anyone?? No.  Alright…)  My husband is a sports shooter so we had the necessary holsters to complete the look along with his gamer head phones.  His nerd really came in handy on this costume.  Of course we had to be as accurate to the characters as possible so I finished my look with a cheap blonde.   We did have our marionette strings but they got in the way of beer pong so we had to get rid of those.  Priorities!

My husband and I have been doing couples costumes for 5 years now.  In fact, our first date was costume shopping.  True story. We win our costume contests every year…We’re kind of a big deal.  This costume, while not as elaborate as others, is the one people still talk about.

Pleeeaaaasssse tell me someone out there has done Team America!!  If so, I must see pictures!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!