Throw Back Thursday & Jack and Sally



It’s Throw Back Thursday again and today I’m throwing back to my husbands favorite costume.  The Nightmare Before Christmas is a favorite of ours so of course we had to go as Jack Skellington and Sally!  This costume was quite the undertaking.  There was pattern making, fabric design, sewing, plaster, sculpting, painting, power tools, lots of hair pulling and late nights.  In the end we loved the costumes and we had a blast.  When people stop and ask to take pictures with you, you know you’ve created something fun!

The thing about this costume was we could actually buy from the Halloween store but a) we don’t like to buy our costumes and b) the Sally costume was way too bright.   It’s like the designer had never seen the movie!  It’s dark and gritty and that’s what we wanted to go for.  The next challenge was to find fabric with designs like Sally.  No luck…



So I bought solid color fabrics and drew the designs on with a fabric marker.  It was a bit time consuming but I love doodling and worked out great.  Once I was done drawing all the designs I patched the fabric together and sewed her up.  For Sally’s arms and legs I bought 2 pairs of light blue tights.  I could the legs off one pair to use on my arms.  I took the fabric marker and drew the stitching on.  My favorite makeup artist had not yet done a tutorial on Sally (so I blame her for my bad makeup job! (;  ) but she has one now so I highly suggest taking a look at it if you plan on going as Sally.  Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup Tutorial.  I added thread using eyelash glue to the stitching on my face.  It worked great and they stayed all night!


Jack was the tough one.  My adorable husband really got into this one.  He loved it so much we still have Jacks head in our storage unit.  It’s a little worse for wear but I have a feeling it’ll be sticking around for a while.  He started with a giant plastic jack-o-lantern and we attached an old hard hat to the inside.  From there he paper mache’d over it to smooth its surface and build up the brow, eyes and mouth.  He cut out the eyes and nose.  Next he covered it with plaster.  After a lot of sanding and sculpting it was ready for paint.




I took on the job of created Jack’s suit.  This was actually kind of fun for me.  We found a black suit at the thrift shop and I just painted on white stripes with puff paint.  I also cut his bat tie out of black foam and puff painted the spider on it.






Us with our prizes for Best Costume!

There you have it!  Jack Skellington and Sally!


Happy Haunting!