Throw Back Thursday & Cat in the Hat


I can’t believe Halloween is in 2 days!!  Where did October go?  Today is the last costume throw back and it is my favorite because it was our first ever Family Costume!  Zeke’s nursery is done in Dr. Seuss and so that has become the theme of his first year.  All of his monthly pictures were some form of Dr. Seuss so of course we had to pick a Dr. Seuss character for his first Halloween costume.  He was 5 months and being a preemie was still pretty tiny so we didn’t want to do any too crazy. I had already crocheted a Cat in that Hat hat and bow tie for his 2 month photo so I used that for my starting off point.  Here is a great pattern to try.  I also crocheted a basic beanie using a furry yarn.   I stitched on some crocheted cat ears to the striped hat and then stitched the striped hat to the beanie.  When it came to the body suit I took a basic black onesie and just ironed on a patch of fuzzy white fabric using fusible bonding web.  Then I hand stitched the bow tie to the bodysuit.  I finished it off with black pants.  I used a little bit of liquid eyeliner to draw some whiskers and a black nose on the little guy and viola! We had ourselves the cutest little Cat in the Hat there ever was!





12189139_10153359812959121_658871091682065454_n (1)


This was the first year my husband and I actually bought our costumes.  We had planned to make them but with a new baby we were busy, sleep deprived and I had just started back at work after maternity leave.  We happened to run across the costumes while looking for supplies to make it.  But that’s alright.  It was our first Halloween as our new little family and I loved everything about it!


Happy Halloweening!!