The Mommy Struggle


This weekend was jam packed with Halloween fun and now I am drowning in laundry.  And I HATE.  I mean HATE laundry.  It is never ending and let me tell you…out of all the advice and warning I received while pregnant with Zeke, no Mama ever warned me about all the laundry that comes along with these little humans.  They are so tiny, how do they have some much laundry?  Anyhow, I was catching up on the laundry last night and my sweet, curious Little wanted to “help” me.  I was so far behind on housework, and as a working Mommy, I never have enough time and tend to do things on super sonic mode.  I just wanted to get it done quickly.  When Little wants to help out it brings my productivity to a screeching halt. So, I had a choice.  Do it quickly myself or take advantage of this teaching moment and invest in his future.  In that moment, I chose my son.  This time.  I don’t always choose him and lets be real mommies…It’s okay to choose housework sometimes. I mean, the groceries don’t shop themselves after all.

So, I could feel the clock ticking away while I watched my eager toddler pull items one by one out of the wash and put them in the dryer.  Each time closing and opening the dryer door, which I found both incredibly endearing and incredibly irritating at the same time. (Such is motherhood!). 5 minutes or so later he had the dryer full and I picked him up to press the start button (his favorite part).  With the chime of the dryer starting he gave himself a proud round of applause.  We celebrated his accomplishment together and then moved on to folding (and unfolding and refolding and so on!).  It took me about 4 times as long to finish one load but what he was learning in both skill and attitude was worth so much more than the time.  So what if you get to work the next day before you realize your helpful child left a smeared, slobbery hand print on the back of your clean work pants?  Because that totally happened to me today.  But it was a reminder that my number one job is and will always be raising my child.  It’s the biggest investment you can ever make.


The Mommy Struggle is real.  Hang in there!