Signs that You Are a Working Mom

The struggle is real my Mommy friends.  We just celebrated my husbands birthday in November and he really, REALLY wanted to take a weekend getaway. I just assumed that included the kiddo but I was wrong.  After some negotiations we decided to take a day trip that Saturday.  We dropped Zeke off with the MIL that morning.  As we pulled away I saw a sweet, chubby little hand waiving goodbye from the window.  And no, it wasn’t my MIL! We weren’t even out of the driveway before the tears began stinging my eyes.  My poor husband just looked at me baffled.

I’m a working Mom so unfortunately being away from my child is a little too familiar to me.  I start work before Zeke is even up for the day and on a really good night, I get 3 hours with Zeke.  Yep, 3 hours before he goes to bed. That’s it.   On really bad nights, I may get a mere handful of minutes with him.  Literally.  Last night I saw him for 11 minutes.  11!  Needless to say, the weekends are precious to me.  We are a church going family so our Sundays are spoken for and that leaves Saturdays for our 1 uninterrupted day of family time.  So when we took that day trip, I knew I was giving up my one special day with Zeke.  And yes, I gave it up for one special day with my husband.  Like I said…the struggle is real. Whether you are a working mom, a stay at home mom or a stay at home working mom.  Balance, is a struggle.  So to all you working Mommy’s who are struggling like I am, you are not alone and you may be able to relate to the following…





  • You kiss your baby monitor goodbye each work morning.
  • You have done the math and know that exactly 1 quarter of your time spent with your child is in the car commuting.
  • You get a bit jealous when you hear about Stay at Home Mom’s play dates and activities with their kids and other Moms.
  • You have ever prayed that he doesn’t love his child care provider more than you.
  • During the week, you spend more time looking at the picture of your child on your desk than in person.
  • You do your grocery shopping or other errands during your lunch hour.
  • You have ever pumped at work.
  • You have ever cried while pumping at work!
  • You have ever pumped in your car.
  • You have ever cried because you didn’t make it home before your child went to bed.
  • You roll your eyes when a non working or childless friend or relative talks about how busy they are.
  • Anytime you are asked to bring a snack to an event it’s store bought.
  • Ever felt guilty for bringing a store bought snack to an event!
  • When the weekend comes you want to do ALL THE THINGS with you child.
  • You get irritated when you notice all the baby/toddler swim, music, learning etc. classes are held during the work day.
  • You miss your child even though you will see them after work.
  • You forego much needed sleep to wake up early and hit the gym while the kid is still sleeping.
  • Your child care provider has to tell you of a milestone your child hit while you were working.
  • You get a little sad when other parents talk about needing a break from their children.
  • You are conflicted about date nights or weekend getaways with the hubs because you don’t want to give up anymore time with your child.
  • During the week chores only get done after 8 pm, if they get done at all.


I could go on, but I’m probably just preaching to the choir.  Oh!  So, how’s this for life…?  Feeling especially overwhelmed last night with being a working mom and what movie comes on?  “How Does She Do It” over course.  Thanks life.


Take it easy Momma’s!