Sharpie Doodle Pumpkins – Pretty Pumpkin Series

Doodle Pumpkins

I love crafting but as a full time working mom, I have little time for my own hobbies.   So naturally time is a huge consideration when choosing a craft project.  That’s why these doodle pumpkins were perfect for me!  They’re quick, easy and the best part, very little clean up.  Its a perfect nap time craft and can be done in just a few minutes (No joke. I did each pumpkin in under 2 minutes.).  Or, get your kiddos involved  and let them go to town. It’s also really cheap inexpensive.  Each pumpkin cost me about $0.50-$0.70.


The supplies…are you ready?

Doodle Pumpkins
-Pumpkins (White looks best)
– Optional embellishments (I chose bows)

That’s it!

I went with a classic black sharpie to keep a clean look but, as I’m sure you know, sharpies come in any color you can imagine so get creative!


First give your pumpkins a good scrub to get rid of any dirt or spots.  Dry them off and you’re ready to start doodling.  I tried a few different designs and will surely be making more.  They’re kind of addicting and pretty cute!


Did you give these a try? Share your designs!

Happy Doodling!