About M.U.M.

I am beyond thrilled to welcome you to Messing Up Motherhood!  MUM has many sides so let me tell you about them.

Family My family is my world.  I have two of the most adorable men in my life.  I am a huge believer in marriage and I have been married to Mr. MUM for 3 crazy years.  He is wonderfully entertaining and the most hard working man I know.  He indulges me in all my DIY and crafting escapades and I’m pretty certain he secretly loves our trips to the craft stores.  In fact, our very first date was costume shopping  for Halloween. That’s all it took.  The deal was done.  Then there’s our best collaboration, our son Ezekiel a.k.a. Zeke, Z, Bug (and a few other choice names that are reserved for those extra frustrating days).  My little family tends to do things the hard way and that included the arrival of our first and only (so far) child.  Zeke was born at only 31 weeks gestation and spent 31 days in the NICU.  Fast forward to today and he is a very healthy, happy 16 month toddler running circles around Mommy and Daddy.  Speaking of doing things the hard way.  We decided to make the first huge purchase of our wedded life and buy our first home.  Our dream has always been to have land and we couldn’t find a home with the kind of land we desired so we thought…hey, why not build our own home.  So, we bought a beautiful piece of land and are just getting started on the project and hopefully, in the next 6-10 months we’ll be moved into our new home!

Faith-  I love me some Jesus and my goal is to show him in my daily life. I fail miserably at this all the time.  I am not the best rep for Christ but He loves me anyway, and thankfully my short comings are covered by his grace.  I’ve walked with him, I’ve turned from him and came running back.  It’s like I  was made for  him other or something 😉

Crafts- I am exceptional dabbler.  I’m not what I would call an expert at any of it, but rather quite average at it all which makes for some fun variety.  Pinterest will seriously be the death of me.  I want to craft it all which is why I, at any given moment, have at least 3 projects started.  I’ll be sharing my projects with all of you of course.  I also own a shop on Etsy (which you can find here) where I sell my crocheted kiddie hats.  I started the shop after having several strangers request to purchase a hat I had made my nephew.

Fitness/Health- I have had my fair share of ups and downs in this department.  I’ve done the unhealthy yoyo dieting, eliminating whole food groups from my diet, spent hours daily in the gym.  Over the last handful of years I have really dug in and have come away with a more well rounded and realistic view on health and fitness.  When Mr. MUM and I decided to have Zeke we really focused on the healthy lifestyle and now that we’re in full blown toddler-hood, we’re working on finding the balance it takes to be busy working parents and keeping our family healthy.  I firmly believe that if Mom is fit, everyone is happier and having more fun which is why I make working out a priority.  My view on nutrition is to keep it as clean and unprocessed as possible.  When it comes to my workouts, I like playing in the boys gym. I used to be a cardio queen and was intimidated by the free weights.  But once I got over myself and my fear of looking weak, I gained strength and confidence.  It’s really pretty empowering as a female.

So there you have it….Messing Up Motherhood in a very large nutshell.