Elf on the Shelf and Scary Santa

I have been looking forward to using our Elf on the Shelf this year.  Zeke is still a little to young to really understand it but that doesn’t stop him from loving that elf to pieces.  As excited as I was for Patty’s arrival it is actually quite the task.  Just remembering that Patty needs to move has been a pain but then Zeke sees him drawing on his “mananas” or taking a marshmallow bath and he lets out that sweet giggle.  It’s totally worth it.  Plus, it’s kind of fun coming up with elf shenanigans.  What has are Patty been up to?  Well, Mom Patty is a bit lazy so he likes to keep things simple.  Check it out.



From Top Left to Right…

  • Having breakfast with Zeke.
  • Building a house.
  • Just “hanging” with the snowman.
  • Adding some character to the Bananas.
  • Testing his new bendy arms by swinging on the chandelier.
  • Play duck hunt. (No duckies were harmed)
  • Getting in his spa treatment.  Peppermint bubble bath.
  • Getting the buddies together for their Christmas card photo.
  • Bedtime story.  About Elf, of course.
  • Changing the oil on the work truck.
  • Reporting to Santa.
  • No snow?  No problem. How about a “cutie”man?


Patty has helped bring the Christmas spirit and now we are in full blown Christmas mode.  Our lights are hung, our tree is twinkling, and our presents are purchased.  Well, most of them.  I am pleased that we have really been able to enjoy the season with the various events, such as Zoo Lights at Point Defiance Zoo, a visit to the “North Pole”, a petting zoo visit complete with a nativity and Santa Clause! I knew Santa was going to be a problem since Zeke is definitely in that stranger danger phase.  He’s incredibly social but if you aren’t one of his people, you may not want to pick him up or you will go full No Bones.  As we were waiting in line he was excited talking about Santa and sipping on his cocoa.  Then the big moment arrived!  So, how’d he do you ask.  Well, he did about this well…


Santa’s smile can’t be more perfect for these shots!  He was a really sweet Santa.  The visit was unplanned since we have reservations this Saturday to have his pictures done with Santa but I thought why not give him a trial run since the line was short and the price was right.  Free.  Let’s just hope it goes a tad better then this visit!  Classic child meltdown Santa picture. Check.  Thankfully, the minute I picked him up off Santa’s lap we back to his happy self.  He even waived goodbye to Santa as we left.

Does your family do Elf on the Shelf?  If so, what are your elf’s best moments?


Happy Christmas’ing