EASY DIY Pillow Lounger

easy diy pillow lounger


My son is going on 19 months this month and his personality is really starting to develop.  I have a feeling he is going to be a fun loving, rowdy, energetic ham.  He’s developed his own interests and favorite activities.  One of his favorite things are pillows. He’s really into pillows.  Like really into pillows.  He likes to collect them from around the house and pile them up in the living room and spend the next 30 minutes jumping, falling and rolling around in them.  It’s actually quite entertaining for the whole family though he does get a little territorial of them.  It’s pretty normal to find him trying to steal the dogs beds, or at the very least join them in it. 

So of course, when thinking of Christmas gifts I knew I wanted to give him some awesomeness in pillow form.  I like sewing, I just hate the measuring and cutting it takes leading up to the actual sewing.  So I wanted a project that would not require scissors or measuring tapes.  What can I say?  I can be a pretty high maintenance crafter sometimes.  Well, not only did I NOT need scissors and a measuring tape for this project but it also only took about 20 min. Tops. Here’s what you’ll need…


pillow lounger supplies


I got each pack of 2 pillow cases from Walmart for $5.  I probably have some packed away in our storage unit that I could’ve used but who has time to go sifting through the unit when you can get them for $2.50/piece?   It was the same case (yep…I heard that pun too) with the pillows.  I’m sure we have extras stored away while we’re in the middle of construction on our new home but Walmart also had pillows for $2.50.  They didn’t have much selection of design for but my toddler will not care.


pillow lounger cases


I started by turning on the Hallmark channel and grabbing a few Hershey Peppermint Kisses…you know…crafting fuel.



 Then I got to pinning the two long sides of the pillow cases, one on top of the other, making sure to keep the opening of each on the same side.  And, no, I did not iron them first (Call me a lazy crafter).  You don’t want to take up too much fabric for a seam allowance other wise it may be hard to stuff your pillows in.


Pillow Lounger How To


I repeated this 2 more times until all 4 cases were sewn together.  I understand that I bought cheap pillow cases so I couldn’t expect too much from them but there was 1 out of the 4 that was noticeably longer.  I’m a little OCD when it comes to stuff like that (oddly enough not at all OCD about the wrinkled cases.  Yes, I did take note of that) so it drove me a bit nutty!  But I doubt my 18 month old pillow monster will notice, or care. 





You’ll end up with a seam that looks like this on both sides.



It was at this point when I realized it may have been easier to add the pillow closures BEFORE I sewed the cases together but to be honest (a) I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use ties, buttons, snaps or velcro and (b) I had none of those options on hand.  So I will come back around and probably had a piece or two of velcro to each case so it’s lays nicely.  I definitely did not want to sew them closed because, well you know….dirty, sticky, smelly little boy.  I see it becoming good friend with the washing machine in the future.

Here is the (almost) finished project laid out.


It folds up really nicely into a squishy chair or a lounger.  I can’t wait for the kiddo to see it.  He’s going to love it!  And to be honest, I tested it out…He may have to fight me for it on movie nights!  I love this age when it’s the simple things that make them the happiest!





Are you crafting any of your kiddo’s Christmas gifts?  I’d love to hear about them!


Happy Crafting!