DIY Watercolor Canvas


OH MY GOODNESS!!  We finally have our permits back to start building our home!!  I’m beyond thrilled with this new. We purchase a lovely piece of land back in June and we have been working to get the permits approved ever since.  We ran into a snag when originally applying for them, we discovered that the previous owner had put in a driveway and not had it permitted.  Unfortunately, there are just bad people in the world who try and take advantage of others to make a dime (or in his case to make about 100 million dimes!  Seriously, he’s cost us about $10,000 OUT OF POCKET!  No, I’m not bitter at all. Why do you ask?) and he did exactly that with us.  Long story short, he lied on our contract about permit violations and because we are not Mr. & Mrs. Money Bags, we didn’t get very far when speaking with a lawyer about it.  In the end, we found that it was cost more than we have to obtain the lawyer and bring a case against the seller as we will end up out for the the whole ordeal.  And it gave us no guarantee that we’d get everything that was wrongfully taken. Moving on…. now that we’ve done the work to fix everything that was done, we FINALLY got permitted to pour our foundation.

Now that we are finally making progress I am allowing myself to plan the fun stuff, like wall art.  My dear sweet husband has had to adjust over the last 4 years to having a wife that is cheap quite the penny pincher.  I am THAT person who says “Why pay so much for it when I can make my own?”  And sometimes that works and sometimes that doesn’t.  Honestly, I’m still unsure if this DIY worked or not.  I think we’ll have to wait until we’re in the house to decide.  Take a look and tell me what you think…




Canvas (Walmart $6 for 2)

Thin Washi Tape (I had it on hand but it came in a pack of 4 for $3)

Water Color Palette

Small to Medium Paint Brush


I began with the blank canvas, decided on a design and taped it off with my Washi Tape.  The reason I chose the Washi Tape had entirely everything to do with the width.  It was the only tape I could find that was as thin as I had wanted it. I tested to see if the Washi Tape would bleed by doing a trial run on water color paper.   On the watercolor paper it did not bleed and worked perfectly.  However…I learned at the end of this project that the water color will bleed through on the canvas.  My cousin used this technique with acrylic and hers bled as well, however not as bad.

I picked a color palette and randomly painted triangles.  I think now, that it may have better to work out a pattern with the colors.  It’s purely a matter of taste though.  I let it dry and peeled back the Washi Tape to reveal A LOT of bleeding. From the little experience I have with water color, my first thought was Alcohol.  It totally worked!  I wish I had taken a before picture to show you but I was too focused on cleaning up the bleeds to stop for a pic!  Using Q-tips dabbed in alcohol, I gently rubbed the areas with bleeds and they began to wipe up quite a bit.  However, the bleed of color into the triangles were pretty much a done deal.  Well, I mean it’s watercolor, so I could’ve gone back and fixed it up but it would’ve taken FOREVER!  So no.

The result was a grungey version of what I had originally imagined.  I kind of like though.  So what do you guys thinks? Will you be trying your own canvas art?  There’s just so much you can do with a little bit of paint and a touch of creativity (or an active Pinterest account!).  I’ve also been working on some hand lettered pieces for our Master Bedroom which I’m kind of excited about.  I’ll be sure to share those with you when I’m all finished with them.  Even my husband is excited about them, so that must mean they’re at least interesting. 🙂 Ha!  Until next time….


Happy DIY’ing


P.S.  For those of you curious about the previous owner and his legal responsibility we are filing a formal complaint with the Attorney General upon completion of the home.  It’s only at that point that we’ll have all the information and the dollar amount he has costs us.  Prayers for resolution/peace is much appreciated!