DIY Thanksgiving Decor



I think I have officially reached the limit of acceptance for Halloween decor.  It’s always a little sad pulling down the Halloween decorations but the (merry and) bright side is decorating for Christmas is only a couple weeks away!  Or in the case of some of my friends, it was yesterday. I try not to be THAT person, but it is no secret that I love THOSE people!  There’s something extra adorable about an adult who is overly excited for Christmas.

During the buffer weeks between Halloween and Christmas we must make it through Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite of holidays but it offers a day off and lots of eating so I’ll take it.  To transition into Thanksgiving decor I decided to put my sharpie back to use with this “Give Thanks” pumpkin.

If you can write, and have a sharpie, you can do this simple DIY in just a few short minutes.  I do have a couple of tips though.  Practice you handwriting and word layout first.  I  kinda just went at it and seeing the curls of the H make it’s way up to the G drives me a bit nutty.  You could aways use a stencil if you aren’t confident in your hand lettering.


Using my pumpkins to introduce my new nephew Wesley!


My “Give Thanks” pumpkin tower! 🙂

Speaking of hand lettering, I have developed quite the obsession with it.  I’m crafty and love to create things but I have always hated my handwriting.  I follow a few lovely women on Instagram who are down right AH-MAZING at hand lettering.  They have inspired me to work on my own skill (or lack there of really).

Here are some of my practice pieces.  Not great but definitely getting better.  I love to incorporate it into my bible studies especially with bible journaling.  I’m what I call a creative learner. 🙂  I’m hoping to develop the skill enough to be using it in my home decor when we finally finish building our house next year!


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What kind of things are you crafting this Thanksgiving?  I’d love to see!

Happy Crafting!