Our Family Christmas Recap

I don’t know about all of you but I am worn out by all the holiday madness.  December 26th is always bitter sweet.  I’m thankful that there is soon to be a bit of relief in our family’s schedule but I’m sad that the festivities are over.  Down will come the lights and the tree and the house which looked great before the Christmas decorations went up, will now seem bare and lack luster.

We had 3 1/2 different Christmas’ this year which is a record for us.  It is always so great to catch up with family and friends that we rarely see but I don’t have to tell you Mom’s how hard it is to be that busy during Christmas.  I can admit, that the demands (mostly placed on myself BY myself) and the expectations of others can quickly kill my Christmas buzz.  Eventhough we had 3 1/2 Christmas gatherings, we held firm to our nap times and I’m so thankful we did (though I’m sure there was at least one relative who was not happy that naptime delayed us).  But, Zeke had a great week. Not one meltdown (a few “MINE!!” moments but those were quickly resolved with the shiny distractions in any direction).  He was showered with love and attention and of course too many gifts.






Zeke did a little baking with Grandma and his cousin.  He was assigned sprinkle duty.  (Maybe not the best task to give a 19 month old but hey…what Grandma says, goes.) Luckily our family more interested in the hands involved with making the cookies than how pretty they are.  But, if you ask me, they were a beautiful mess!  He and I made salt dough ornaments for the grandparents.



We also gave Santa one more try.  Despite what you’re about to see below, Zeke loves Santa.  He’ll give him high fives, “knuckles”, waive to ever man who has any significant amount of fair colored facial hair and yell “HI SANTA! HOHOHO!”  I guess it’s just the pressure of the picture that is enough to induce a meltdown.  That’s okay.  We captured one decent picture of the family with Santa and one more of those classic cry faces.



Being a working Mom on her week long staycation, of course I had to pack in as much activity as possible.  Besides christmas baking, crafts, and putting on our jammies, grabbing some cocoa and climbing into the truck to go check out some neighborhood lights we thought it was the perfect time to get Zeke on the ice.  His Daddy has played hockey since he was 6 years old so this was a dream for him and I’ll tell you what, Zeke is a natural!  I know, he’s 19 months, whatever.  I’m telling you, the kid is gonna be a skater.  He didn’t want to get off the ice.  He skated himself into “no bones” land, where his legs couldn’t possibly keep him up any longer.  It was AMAZING.  It was seriously the perfect day. Perfect.


Until this fall, I didn’t even know they made hockey skates so small.  These are a size 7 and I picked them up at a second hand sale for $10.  They are a tad big but they worked great and he didn’t seem bothered by them at all.  I remember learning to skate when I was about 7 and I couldn’t keep my ankles straight to save my life.  I went home crying after my first lesson because my feet hurt so bad.  Not this little dude.  He was walking on skates with no problem and dragging us back onto the ice for more.

I hope you and your family had as much fun as we did without losing your sanity!