Spinach Protein Pancakes

For a while I thought I had it figured out.  (I’d appreciate if you could stifle your laughter)  My toddler wouldn’t eat his veggies, however he would suck them right out of the veggie pouches.  Then, as it frequently does with toddlers, that changed.  Pretty much over night he lost interest in those pouches.  He could’ve lost interest in cookies, candy, chips but I guess that’s not how kids work.  I tried cooking veggies different, giving a variety of raw vegetables and even encouraging a big ol’ dip into ranch.  Nada.  Tuesday I decided to stop trying to force him and instead trick him.  If tricking your child is not a weapon in your arsenal, you should really add it.  I’m pretty sure I would not survive motherhood if it weren’t for quick thinking and slight of hand. Trust issues?  Eh…Phooey.   Enter, spinach protein pancakes.



Before we get started, let me tell warn you a little bit about how I bake/cook.  Lots of times I look at a recipe as nothing more than a suggestion.  I add more, or less, substitute etc.  Well, that is exactly how these pancakes came to be.  The exact recipe is secret, meaning I didn’t measure much so your guess is as good as mine.  So, here we go.


Pulse together in a blender until well chopped

  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups baby spinach

Add and blend

  • 1/2 cup flour (this I did measure)
  • 1 (or so) scoop of vanilla protein powder (I think I ended up doing about 1 1/4 scoop but protein scoop sizes vary) 1/2 (give or take) banana
  • 2 tsp cinnamon…and then a little more and maybe a little more still (this is where the phrase”to taste” comes from right? I think I ended up with closer to a tbsp)
  • I splash of vanilla

Now that you have your batter, if it’s too runny you can add a bit more protein powder to thicken it up.

Pour on to griddle and cook.

They do cook up on the thinner side which I found is often the cause with protein pancakes.  Not quite crepe or “weawry fin pancakes” (Talladega Nights? Anyone? No?) but not your buttermilk style pancakes.  Z did not mind one bit.  He gobbled up more and asked for more “Fwankenstein” pancakes.  This kid gets me and my love for all things Halloween.


Like I said…The exact recipe is a secret.  But you should end up with something resembling a pancake but bright green and awesomely healthy.

Do you have a favorite protein pancake recipe?  I’d love to try it!

Happy errr…Baking



Free Easter Coloring Pages



Spring is FINALLY here!  And along with it has come loads and loads of rain.  Oh my goodness you guys… SO.MUCH.RAIN. We are in the framing phase of building our home and which means visits from heavy equipment to the property.  Rain + freshly excavated dirt = a mushy mess and quite a pain in the rear end for us.  Of course the forecast is calling for more rain this weekend so we may be doing our Easter Egg Hunt indoors.  Speaking of…I got the grande idea to “practice” finding Easter Eggs with Z so when Easter finally arrives, he’d know what to do.  I forget how quick that kid is.  It only took 1 plastic egg, containing 1 jelly bean and he was hooked.  He’s been asking and looking for eggs for the last week now! Admittedly, I love it.  There’s something about watching the excitement spread across your kiddo’s face.  Now I can’t wait to give him his Easter Basket!! One of the gifts in his basket will be a home made coloring book.  Yes, I know….you can buy one for a buck down at your local Dollar Store.  But, I will take any excuse to create! Plus, I thought it’d be cute to make some Mommy-Son Easter pictures.  I am no artist but they were simple enough and I thought I’d share them.  Feel free to download and print one or all for you a little Easter art time for you little ones!

Easter Printable Coloring Page


Print Matthew 28:6


Easter Printable Coloring Page


Print Jeremiah 1:5


Easter Printable Coloring Page


Print John 10:10

Easter Printable Coloring Page

Print Psalm 138:1



Easter Printable Coloring Page


Print John 10:27

Easter Printable Coloring Page

Print Isaiah 58:11



Easter Printable Coloring Page

Print Psalms 71:14


I’ll be sure to share some of Z’s finished art work.

Happy Easter!!



DIY Toddler Valentines


**Please forgive the pictures.  I didn’t think about pictures until we were already started so my camera phone had to do.**

My toddler is going through a, ummm….we’ll say phase. Dear Lord, please let it just be a phase.  Over night my sweet, fun loving, easy going little dude morphed into a crazy Todzilla.  He’s melting down over EVERYTHING.  He asks for banana and then cries because….I gave him a banana.  Along with the tantrums has come a refusal to sleep. Or I guess it’s probably the other way around.  It’s probably the refusal of sleep that has encouraged the tantrums.  Last night he cried from 1-2:30am.  The only thing that would calm him down was me holding him.  I know I’m not the only who struggles with just wanting to bring your kiddo back to bed when they have a bad night.  The struggle is for real. For.Real.  But! I resisted and did not cave.  Instead I compromised.  I laid on the floor next to his crib holding his sweet little hand through the rails until he calmed down.  About 30 minutes and one very sore arm later, I could hear is breath get calm and steady. I tip toed out of his room and back into bed when I looked at the monitor and saw two huge round staring into the monitor.  5 seconds later he looked for me and when he saw I was gone it was full hysteria.  Again.  By this time I had been up for almost an hour and a half.  I told myself…”10 minutes.  I’ll give him 10 minutes.”  At minute 9 he was jumping up and down calling for Mommy (insert pouty lip and teary eyes here…Mine..not his.)  Then all of the sudden he went from full freak out to silence.  Not another sound was made.  He laid down, grabbed his stuffed giraffe and finally, FINALLY, drifted off to sleep.  90 minutes later my alarm went off.  Gotta love Working Mom Life.


Where was I going with this…?  Oh yes, since he has been a bit of a terror, I have tried to distract him with different activities.  Monday night we did toddler yoga.  Oh my gosh you guys.  If you have a toddler, try it.  It is the most adorable thing.  No need for a video, or class.  Just look up some classic, simple yoga poses and demonstrate for them.  Z’s favorites are Downward Dog, Cobra (or as he calls it, Sleepy) and Downward Dog Split (in his version, he stands up and lifts his leg like a dog peeing on a hydrant).  We’ll definitely continue with the yoga as long as he’s interested.  The comedy of it alone is worth it.


So back to last night.  I decided to distract him with a little art and we made or own Valentines.  Z loves to “watercolor”.  I quote that because he’s more interested in stirring color into the water than actually painting with it.  But, every now and then he makes it onto the paper. We did have 1 meltdown when I told him he could not drink the pretty water though.  (Mom’s can be so mean.)  Anyhow…Here’s what we used.



Watercolor Palette

Paint Brush

Cup of water

Blank Post cards (I didn’t want to use my nice watercolor paper :/ )

Alphabet Stickers


So, this is a super simple DIY for the kiddo.  Mommy (or Daddy or Grandma or Auntie or Uncle or Papa…just somebody) pick a phrase and stick the letters on your “canvas”.  Then let the kiddo paint away.  Once they’re done, let the cards dry and carefully peel off the stickers and Viola!  A piece of Art to give to their loves ( aka Their Mommy’s, naturally 🙂 )

**Tip:  Hold on to old plastic table clothes for arts and craft time.  Hello Dollar Store!  I can’t guarantee it’ll help keep the paint of your kiddo but it will help with your furniture! Then again you could always cut one into the shape of an apron and you’re set!



I personally love the way they turned out.  I tried really hard to let him pick which colors he wanted to use and mix as he wished which, admittedly, is a little tough for me.  Right now every color to Zeke is Yellow, so this is also a great way to practice colors with your kiddo too!


Be forewarned…You can expect your watercolor palette to look like this when it’s all said and done.  But to me, it’s totally worth it.  And by worth it, I mean the palette was only $2.50 (from Michaels with a coupon)!  Plus, it’s watercolor…the palettes clean up easily enough.  I think this DIY would work great with acrylic paints too or even sponge painting for a different look.

Are your kids DIY’ing their VDay cards?  Have you tried watercolor with them?  I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time…Happy Painting!


DIY Valentine Mugs



As you may, or may not know, my husband and I are 7 months into a 6 month 12 month construction project to build our own home.  Things have not gone exactly as planned and due to some unforeseen problems with the seller, the project has doubled in time and exceeded our original budget.  So these days, we are pretty tight with our dollar.  With Valentines Day right around the corner we have alleviated the pressure to buy each other gifts since we’re, momentarily “broke” (but rich in spirit! Haha).  So, we established the “no gifts” rule and then, suddenly, a piercing sound hit my ears.  It was Monica Geller (from Friends) saying “Make the gifts! Make the Gifts!”  Now I don’t have a friend like Phoebe to loan me her sweet sock bunny for the occasion so I turned to a trusty DIY.  The good ol’ Sharpie Mugs.  Did the Friends reference just age me?  I feel like it aged me.






Ceramic Mugs (Dollar Store)

Oil Based Sharpie Paint Pens (I have a Painted by Me ceramic paint pen from Joann’s that works well too)

Rubbing Alcohol (for mistakes as I made many!)

Qtips/Cotton Balls (to wipe up my many mistakes)


  • Clean the mugs with Rubbing Alcohol
  • Draw to your hearts content
  • For mistakes simply use a cotton ball or Qtip with Rubbing Alcohol and wipe off paint
  • Place the mugs on a cookie sheet in a cold oven.  Set the oven temp to 350 degrees
  • “Bake” for 30 minutes and turn off oven.  Leave the mugs in the oven until the oven is completely cooled.
  • Wait 72 hours, yes 72 hours, before using the mugs.


**Hand wash mugs only.
***I did notice that the gold Sharpie still chipped off even after using this method.  If you’ve figured out a better method for the metallic sharpies, spill!


Here’s my final product!  Obviously I just can’t resist a cute Pun.  The bacon one is sure to be a favorite!



Have you tried the Sharpie Coffee Mugs?  Did you learn any good secrets?  Please dish!


Happy Crafting!


Our Family Christmas Recap

I don’t know about all of you but I am worn out by all the holiday madness.  December 26th is always bitter sweet.  I’m thankful that there is soon to be a bit of relief in our family’s schedule but I’m sad that the festivities are over.  Down will come the lights and the tree and the house which looked great before the Christmas decorations went up, will now seem bare and lack luster.

We had 3 1/2 different Christmas’ this year which is a record for us.  It is always so great to catch up with family and friends that we rarely see but I don’t have to tell you Mom’s how hard it is to be that busy during Christmas.  I can admit, that the demands (mostly placed on myself BY myself) and the expectations of others can quickly kill my Christmas buzz.  Eventhough we had 3 1/2 Christmas gatherings, we held firm to our nap times and I’m so thankful we did (though I’m sure there was at least one relative who was not happy that naptime delayed us).  But, Zeke had a great week. Not one meltdown (a few “MINE!!” moments but those were quickly resolved with the shiny distractions in any direction).  He was showered with love and attention and of course too many gifts.






Zeke did a little baking with Grandma and his cousin.  He was assigned sprinkle duty.  (Maybe not the best task to give a 19 month old but hey…what Grandma says, goes.) Luckily our family more interested in the hands involved with making the cookies than how pretty they are.  But, if you ask me, they were a beautiful mess!  He and I made salt dough ornaments for the grandparents.



We also gave Santa one more try.  Despite what you’re about to see below, Zeke loves Santa.  He’ll give him high fives, “knuckles”, waive to ever man who has any significant amount of fair colored facial hair and yell “HI SANTA! HOHOHO!”  I guess it’s just the pressure of the picture that is enough to induce a meltdown.  That’s okay.  We captured one decent picture of the family with Santa and one more of those classic cry faces.



Being a working Mom on her week long staycation, of course I had to pack in as much activity as possible.  Besides christmas baking, crafts, and putting on our jammies, grabbing some cocoa and climbing into the truck to go check out some neighborhood lights we thought it was the perfect time to get Zeke on the ice.  His Daddy has played hockey since he was 6 years old so this was a dream for him and I’ll tell you what, Zeke is a natural!  I know, he’s 19 months, whatever.  I’m telling you, the kid is gonna be a skater.  He didn’t want to get off the ice.  He skated himself into “no bones” land, where his legs couldn’t possibly keep him up any longer.  It was AMAZING.  It was seriously the perfect day. Perfect.


Until this fall, I didn’t even know they made hockey skates so small.  These are a size 7 and I picked them up at a second hand sale for $10.  They are a tad big but they worked great and he didn’t seem bothered by them at all.  I remember learning to skate when I was about 7 and I couldn’t keep my ankles straight to save my life.  I went home crying after my first lesson because my feet hurt so bad.  Not this little dude.  He was walking on skates with no problem and dragging us back onto the ice for more.

I hope you and your family had as much fun as we did without losing your sanity!




EASY DIY Pillow Lounger

easy diy pillow lounger


My son is going on 19 months this month and his personality is really starting to develop.  I have a feeling he is going to be a fun loving, rowdy, energetic ham.  He’s developed his own interests and favorite activities.  One of his favorite things are pillows. He’s really into pillows.  Like really into pillows.  He likes to collect them from around the house and pile them up in the living room and spend the next 30 minutes jumping, falling and rolling around in them.  It’s actually quite entertaining for the whole family though he does get a little territorial of them.  It’s pretty normal to find him trying to steal the dogs beds, or at the very least join them in it. 

So of course, when thinking of Christmas gifts I knew I wanted to give him some awesomeness in pillow form.  I like sewing, I just hate the measuring and cutting it takes leading up to the actual sewing.  So I wanted a project that would not require scissors or measuring tapes.  What can I say?  I can be a pretty high maintenance crafter sometimes.  Well, not only did I NOT need scissors and a measuring tape for this project but it also only took about 20 min. Tops. Here’s what you’ll need…


pillow lounger supplies


I got each pack of 2 pillow cases from Walmart for $5.  I probably have some packed away in our storage unit that I could’ve used but who has time to go sifting through the unit when you can get them for $2.50/piece?   It was the same case (yep…I heard that pun too) with the pillows.  I’m sure we have extras stored away while we’re in the middle of construction on our new home but Walmart also had pillows for $2.50.  They didn’t have much selection of design for but my toddler will not care.


pillow lounger cases


I started by turning on the Hallmark channel and grabbing a few Hershey Peppermint Kisses…you know…crafting fuel.



 Then I got to pinning the two long sides of the pillow cases, one on top of the other, making sure to keep the opening of each on the same side.  And, no, I did not iron them first (Call me a lazy crafter).  You don’t want to take up too much fabric for a seam allowance other wise it may be hard to stuff your pillows in.


Pillow Lounger How To


I repeated this 2 more times until all 4 cases were sewn together.  I understand that I bought cheap pillow cases so I couldn’t expect too much from them but there was 1 out of the 4 that was noticeably longer.  I’m a little OCD when it comes to stuff like that (oddly enough not at all OCD about the wrinkled cases.  Yes, I did take note of that) so it drove me a bit nutty!  But I doubt my 18 month old pillow monster will notice, or care. 





You’ll end up with a seam that looks like this on both sides.



It was at this point when I realized it may have been easier to add the pillow closures BEFORE I sewed the cases together but to be honest (a) I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use ties, buttons, snaps or velcro and (b) I had none of those options on hand.  So I will come back around and probably had a piece or two of velcro to each case so it’s lays nicely.  I definitely did not want to sew them closed because, well you know….dirty, sticky, smelly little boy.  I see it becoming good friend with the washing machine in the future.

Here is the (almost) finished project laid out.


It folds up really nicely into a squishy chair or a lounger.  I can’t wait for the kiddo to see it.  He’s going to love it!  And to be honest, I tested it out…He may have to fight me for it on movie nights!  I love this age when it’s the simple things that make them the happiest!





Are you crafting any of your kiddo’s Christmas gifts?  I’d love to hear about them!


Happy Crafting!




Candy Cane Rice Krispy Treats

Candy Cane Rice Krispy Treats messingupmotherhood.com

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away away known as Pre-Zeke, I loved chocolate.  If it had chocolate in it, I’d eat it. Any chocolate containing peanuts or peanut butter would disappear particularly fast.  Then one day, girl met boy.  Girl married boy. Girl and boy became pregnant and girl gained an aversion to chocolate.  Every since my pregnancy I have not been able to stomach chocolate.  Just the thought of it grosses me out and the smell..<gag> oh,the smell makes my stomach turn.  Now with the holiday season upon us, chocolate is <gag> everywhere.  Every holiday party there’s chocolate cookies, pudding, cake, hot chocolate (though oddly enough I don’t mind hot chocolate).  I lost the love of chocolate but gained a love of white chocolate, specifically Hershey’s Candy Cane kisses.  I seriously stock up on them this time of year.  Santa better have a few these bags of them in my stocking this year!  


What does this have to do with Rice Krispy Treats you may be asking.  Well, adding these bite sized pieces of Christmas to your Rice Krispy Treat recipe is what makes these so good. If you like Rice Krispy Crispy Treats and you like peppermint white chocolate, you’ll love these Candy Cane Rice Krispy Treats.


Candy Cane Rice Krispy Treat Messingupmotherhood.com

Butter your baking dish and set aside. Chop about 6 oz of unwrapped kisses into crumbles and set aside. crush 2 candy canes in a sandwich bag and set aside.  In a large pot, melt butter and marshmallows on med-low heat.  Add Rice Krispy cereal 1 cup at a time until you get the consistency you like.  Less for more gooey treats, more for the stiffer treats.  I think I used about 5 cups but honestly I never measure.  Mix in the crumbled kisses as evenly as possible.  Spread the mixture into your buttered baking dish.  I just butter my hands and press it into my dish.  Melt some of your left over kisses in the microwave until runny.  I heat them in 20 second interval because I hate burning chocolate!  Use a spoon to drizzle  it across the top of the treats.  Sprinkle a layer of crushed candy cane.  Repeat the drizzle and top with the rest of you crushed candy cane.  Let set.  I was in a rush when I made mine and popped them in the fridge for about 10 minutes to harden up the chocolate before cutting.  Though I wouldn’t recommend putting them in the refrigerator for too long or the treats themselves may get too hard. 






Have you all started your holiday baking yet?  What are some of your favorite holiday treats to make?

Happy Baking!

Building a Snowman



Happy December friends!  Oh, I’m so happy Christmas season is upon us!  For one, I can stop feeling ridiculous for listening to Christmas music and two, um…Every thing else about Christmas.  I have a list of Christmas crafts (in which I’m sure I will barely make a dent this year now that we have a todzilla running around!)  So to kick off the season we had ourselves a little craft party and made up these adorable wood snowmen.  I love snowmen!  It’s usually the one thing I buy every year at our local annual holiday bizarre so I was really excited when my mom asked if we would want to make one of these adorable men.  

This is a craft that really takes no skill to make as long as you are or have someone who is able to cut the wood for you.  My Mom was awesome enough to take care of that for us.  She had the handy fella’s at the hardwood store cut the boards to size and she used her own muscle hand sawing out the side notches in the snowman.   She rounded up some scrap wood to finish the hat brim and roof, and found some small pieces for the nose and buttons from the craft store.



We had all our pieces ready and waiting for us so we got to work painting (after a few holiday appetizers.  Priorities ya know?)  Once we had all of our pieces painted and dry we started on the fun of assembling them.  We used gorilla glue since we just had some handy.  A tip when working with gorilla glue…use very little.  It’s very strong so it doesn’t take much and it expands…a lot.  (Wood glue works great too.  If you use wood glue I suggest using a couple small nails, or screws through the back of the snowman and through the bottom of the stand.)


With some scarfs and embellishments they really started coming to life!  (As you can see by the bottle, we were totally doing the mom hustle.)



Here are our frosty friends waiting to be glued down.   There really are cute, don’t ya think?  I love how they turned out! And I especially love how you really need NO artistic or crafting ability to create them.




Here’s my finished product enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree.  I think he needs a little something still.  Maybe some mistletoe in his clothespin.  What do you think? You can get really creative with embellishments and details.  I think a little snow on this brim or nose would be adorable too.  

Have you started any Christmas crafting?  What are some of your favorites?


Happy Crafting!


Introducing our Elf on the Shelf, Patty Cane

I’m not even gonna try to lie I have been waiting to do Elf on the Shelf since before I was even pregnant with Zeke.  I almost bought one for my husband the year we got married!  I wish we had it as a kid.  How much fun would it have been to have one Santa’s little helpers around for the holidays getting into mischief?  Finally, Zeke is getting to an age where, he may not understand what Elf on the Shelf is about, but he can at least enjoy the doll.

So, this year, we adopted ourselves a little Elf and brought him home to meet Zeke.  It was love at first site!  He’s actually really interested in the Elf’s legs and thinks they’re hilarious.  Meet our Elf, Patty Cane.



Because we are a Blackhawk’s family we named him after Patrick Kane.  And what would a Patty Cane be with out his hockey jersey?  So we Patty got to work.  With a little bit of sewing and a bit more hot gluing he had himself a pretty decent hockey jersey.






I’m excited to see what kind of mischief Patty will find.  And yes, at only 18 months I realize the fun will be lost on my kiddo, but he is my excuse to play endless amount of pranks on Mr. M.U.M.!


What have your Elves gotten themselves into?  I’d love to hear about it!


Happy Elf’ing!




DIY Thanksgiving Decor



I think I have officially reached the limit of acceptance for Halloween decor.  It’s always a little sad pulling down the Halloween decorations but the (merry and) bright side is decorating for Christmas is only a couple weeks away!  Or in the case of some of my friends, it was yesterday. I try not to be THAT person, but it is no secret that I love THOSE people!  There’s something extra adorable about an adult who is overly excited for Christmas.

During the buffer weeks between Halloween and Christmas we must make it through Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite of holidays but it offers a day off and lots of eating so I’ll take it.  To transition into Thanksgiving decor I decided to put my sharpie back to use with this “Give Thanks” pumpkin.

If you can write, and have a sharpie, you can do this simple DIY in just a few short minutes.  I do have a couple of tips though.  Practice you handwriting and word layout first.  I  kinda just went at it and seeing the curls of the H make it’s way up to the G drives me a bit nutty.  You could aways use a stencil if you aren’t confident in your hand lettering.


Using my pumpkins to introduce my new nephew Wesley!


My “Give Thanks” pumpkin tower! 🙂

Speaking of hand lettering, I have developed quite the obsession with it.  I’m crafty and love to create things but I have always hated my handwriting.  I follow a few lovely women on Instagram who are down right AH-MAZING at hand lettering.  They have inspired me to work on my own skill (or lack there of really).

Here are some of my practice pieces.  Not great but definitely getting better.  I love to incorporate it into my bible studies especially with bible journaling.  I’m what I call a creative learner. 🙂  I’m hoping to develop the skill enough to be using it in my home decor when we finally finish building our house next year!


Find me on Instagram @messingupmotherhood to see more of my random creations!

What kind of things are you crafting this Thanksgiving?  I’d love to see!

Happy Crafting!