Spinach Protein Pancakes

For a while I thought I had it figured out.  (I’d appreciate if you could stifle your laughter)  My toddler wouldn’t eat his veggies, however he would suck them right out of the veggie pouches.  Then, as it frequently does with toddlers, that changed.  Pretty much over night he lost interest in those pouches.  He could’ve lost interest in cookies, candy, chips but I guess that’s not how kids work.  I tried cooking veggies different, giving a variety of raw vegetables and even encouraging a big ol’ dip into ranch.  Nada.  Tuesday I decided to stop trying to force him and instead trick him.  If tricking your child is not a weapon in your arsenal, you should really add it.  I’m pretty sure I would not survive motherhood if it weren’t for quick thinking and slight of hand. Trust issues?  Eh…Phooey.   Enter, spinach protein pancakes.



Before we get started, let me tell warn you a little bit about how I bake/cook.  Lots of times I look at a recipe as nothing more than a suggestion.  I add more, or less, substitute etc.  Well, that is exactly how these pancakes came to be.  The exact recipe is secret, meaning I didn’t measure much so your guess is as good as mine.  So, here we go.


Pulse together in a blender until well chopped

  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups baby spinach

Add and blend

  • 1/2 cup flour (this I did measure)
  • 1 (or so) scoop of vanilla protein powder (I think I ended up doing about 1 1/4 scoop but protein scoop sizes vary) 1/2 (give or take) banana
  • 2 tsp cinnamon…and then a little more and maybe a little more still (this is where the phrase”to taste” comes from right? I think I ended up with closer to a tbsp)
  • I splash of vanilla

Now that you have your batter, if it’s too runny you can add a bit more protein powder to thicken it up.

Pour on to griddle and cook.

They do cook up on the thinner side which I found is often the cause with protein pancakes.  Not quite crepe or “weawry fin pancakes” (Talladega Nights? Anyone? No?) but not your buttermilk style pancakes.  Z did not mind one bit.  He gobbled up more and asked for more “Fwankenstein” pancakes.  This kid gets me and my love for all things Halloween.


Like I said…The exact recipe is a secret.  But you should end up with something resembling a pancake but bright green and awesomely healthy.

Do you have a favorite protein pancake recipe?  I’d love to try it!

Happy errr…Baking



Halloween 2015

Well friend, Halloween has come and gone.  It’s a little sad but we had such a great weekend.  We had the worst rain storm but even with the rain we managed to enjoy the holiday.  Every year I end up with two costumes.  It’s never intended but its never a surprise.  One for work and one for Halloween night.  This year has been a little off since my boss has been gone on medical leave for about 6 weeks so I didn’t expect him to suggest we come in costume.  I think he was throwing me a bone because he knows Halloween is my favorite!  So, Thursday night at about 8pm, I threw together an office appropriate Wednesday Addams costume.  I used eye liner and gave myself a widows peak as well as eye shadow to give me Wednesday’s dark eye circles.  (As a mommy though, I didn’t really need to try too hard on those dark circles!! I’ve pretty much been sleeped deprived for the last year and a half) Then I hollowed out my cheeks a bit and gave myself a cat eye like mama Morticia.  There just so happened to be a Trunk or Treat just down the street from us Friday night so I grabbed myself the cutest little Pubert Addams I’ve ever seen and we did a practice run.  (Pubert is the best last minute baby costume! Draw on some dark eye brows and a mustache.  Part their hair down the middle and put them in a gray sleeper. Done. And quite adorable too!) Despite the rain, he enjoyed himself   Once he realized what Trick or Treating was all about, he just ate it up.  Literally…



And then it was a bath for dirty, sticky Pubert Addams.

PicsArt_10-31-11.15.07 (1)

Now on to Halloween night and Zeke’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!  Check him out!


Oh.My.Gawd. I just wanted to eat him up all night.  The best part was that he absolutely LOVED it!  I’m not sure if he loved the costume, the attention or the candy more.  All I know was he had a ton of fun and of course so did Mommy and Daddy!  Speaking of Mommy and Daddy…You can’t have a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man without expecting the Ghostbusters to show up.

I sewed his costume from scratch and with no pattern.  It was a risk but it totally worked out.  I took the basic concept from Hammer & Thread and altered it to work for the Mashmallow body.  I sewed the sailor bib and red tie real quick to finish the body.  I knew there wasn’t much of a chance that Zeke would keep anything other than a beanie on his head so I crocheted up a simple white beanie and sailor cap. It worked perfectly.  The original plan was to also stuff the legs on arms but, I wanted him to be functional as well so we ended up skipping that and I think that was the right call.  We completed the whole look with a basic long sleeve white onesie and white pants.  This family costume was a total hit!  We were even stopped for pictures.  We felt like quite the celebrities 🙂

Grandma and Papa got to hang out with the puffy marshmallow too.


Seriously, this kid loved hamming it up in his Halloween costume. I sure hope he loves Halloween as much as his Dad and I do.  If not, he’s in for a long, bumpy childhood!




Zeke LOVED trick or treating. I’m pretty sure he would’ve gone all night had I let him.

How did your Halloween turn out?  I’d love to see your costumes!!


Throw Back Thursday & Cat in the Hat


I can’t believe Halloween is in 2 days!!  Where did October go?  Today is the last costume throw back and it is my favorite because it was our first ever Family Costume!  Zeke’s nursery is done in Dr. Seuss and so that has become the theme of his first year.  All of his monthly pictures were some form of Dr. Seuss so of course we had to pick a Dr. Seuss character for his first Halloween costume.  He was 5 months and being a preemie was still pretty tiny so we didn’t want to do any too crazy. I had already crocheted a Cat in that Hat hat and bow tie for his 2 month photo so I used that for my starting off point.  Here is a great pattern to try.  I also crocheted a basic beanie using a furry yarn.   I stitched on some crocheted cat ears to the striped hat and then stitched the striped hat to the beanie.  When it came to the body suit I took a basic black onesie and just ironed on a patch of fuzzy white fabric using fusible bonding web.  Then I hand stitched the bow tie to the bodysuit.  I finished it off with black pants.  I used a little bit of liquid eyeliner to draw some whiskers and a black nose on the little guy and viola! We had ourselves the cutest little Cat in the Hat there ever was!





12189139_10153359812959121_658871091682065454_n (1)


This was the first year my husband and I actually bought our costumes.  We had planned to make them but with a new baby we were busy, sleep deprived and I had just started back at work after maternity leave.  We happened to run across the costumes while looking for supplies to make it.  But that’s alright.  It was our first Halloween as our new little family and I loved everything about it!


Happy Halloweening!!



Throw Back Thursday & Jack and Sally



It’s Throw Back Thursday again and today I’m throwing back to my husbands favorite costume.  The Nightmare Before Christmas is a favorite of ours so of course we had to go as Jack Skellington and Sally!  This costume was quite the undertaking.  There was pattern making, fabric design, sewing, plaster, sculpting, painting, power tools, lots of hair pulling and late nights.  In the end we loved the costumes and we had a blast.  When people stop and ask to take pictures with you, you know you’ve created something fun!

The thing about this costume was we could actually buy from the Halloween store but a) we don’t like to buy our costumes and b) the Sally costume was way too bright.   It’s like the designer had never seen the movie!  It’s dark and gritty and that’s what we wanted to go for.  The next challenge was to find fabric with designs like Sally.  No luck…



So I bought solid color fabrics and drew the designs on with a fabric marker.  It was a bit time consuming but I love doodling and worked out great.  Once I was done drawing all the designs I patched the fabric together and sewed her up.  For Sally’s arms and legs I bought 2 pairs of light blue tights.  I could the legs off one pair to use on my arms.  I took the fabric marker and drew the stitching on.  My favorite makeup artist had not yet done a tutorial on Sally (so I blame her for my bad makeup job! (;  ) but she has one now so I highly suggest taking a look at it if you plan on going as Sally.  Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup Tutorial.  I added thread using eyelash glue to the stitching on my face.  It worked great and they stayed all night!


Jack was the tough one.  My adorable husband really got into this one.  He loved it so much we still have Jacks head in our storage unit.  It’s a little worse for wear but I have a feeling it’ll be sticking around for a while.  He started with a giant plastic jack-o-lantern and we attached an old hard hat to the inside.  From there he paper mache’d over it to smooth its surface and build up the brow, eyes and mouth.  He cut out the eyes and nose.  Next he covered it with plaster.  After a lot of sanding and sculpting it was ready for paint.




I took on the job of created Jack’s suit.  This was actually kind of fun for me.  We found a black suit at the thrift shop and I just painted on white stripes with puff paint.  I also cut his bat tie out of black foam and puff painted the spider on it.






Us with our prizes for Best Costume!

There you have it!  Jack Skellington and Sally!


Happy Haunting!





Sharpie Doodle Pumpkins – Pretty Pumpkin Series

Doodle Pumpkins

I love crafting but as a full time working mom, I have little time for my own hobbies.   So naturally time is a huge consideration when choosing a craft project.  That’s why these doodle pumpkins were perfect for me!  They’re quick, easy and the best part, very little clean up.  Its a perfect nap time craft and can be done in just a few minutes (No joke. I did each pumpkin in under 2 minutes.).  Or, get your kiddos involved  and let them go to town. It’s also really cheap inexpensive.  Each pumpkin cost me about $0.50-$0.70.


The supplies…are you ready?

Doodle Pumpkins
-Pumpkins (White looks best)
– Optional embellishments (I chose bows)

That’s it!

I went with a classic black sharpie to keep a clean look but, as I’m sure you know, sharpies come in any color you can imagine so get creative!


First give your pumpkins a good scrub to get rid of any dirt or spots.  Dry them off and you’re ready to start doodling.  I tried a few different designs and will surely be making more.  They’re kind of addicting and pretty cute!


Did you give these a try? Share your designs!

Happy Doodling!