Building a Snowman



Happy December friends!  Oh, I’m so happy Christmas season is upon us!  For one, I can stop feeling ridiculous for listening to Christmas music and two, um…Every thing else about Christmas.  I have a list of Christmas crafts (in which I’m sure I will barely make a dent this year now that we have a todzilla running around!)  So to kick off the season we had ourselves a little craft party and made up these adorable wood snowmen.  I love snowmen!  It’s usually the one thing I buy every year at our local annual holiday bizarre so I was really excited when my mom asked if we would want to make one of these adorable men.  

This is a craft that really takes no skill to make as long as you are or have someone who is able to cut the wood for you.  My Mom was awesome enough to take care of that for us.  She had the handy fella’s at the hardwood store cut the boards to size and she used her own muscle hand sawing out the side notches in the snowman.   She rounded up some scrap wood to finish the hat brim and roof, and found some small pieces for the nose and buttons from the craft store.



We had all our pieces ready and waiting for us so we got to work painting (after a few holiday appetizers.  Priorities ya know?)  Once we had all of our pieces painted and dry we started on the fun of assembling them.  We used gorilla glue since we just had some handy.  A tip when working with gorilla glue…use very little.  It’s very strong so it doesn’t take much and it expands…a lot.  (Wood glue works great too.  If you use wood glue I suggest using a couple small nails, or screws through the back of the snowman and through the bottom of the stand.)


With some scarfs and embellishments they really started coming to life!  (As you can see by the bottle, we were totally doing the mom hustle.)



Here are our frosty friends waiting to be glued down.   There really are cute, don’t ya think?  I love how they turned out! And I especially love how you really need NO artistic or crafting ability to create them.




Here’s my finished product enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree.  I think he needs a little something still.  Maybe some mistletoe in his clothespin.  What do you think? You can get really creative with embellishments and details.  I think a little snow on this brim or nose would be adorable too.  

Have you started any Christmas crafting?  What are some of your favorites?


Happy Crafting!