A long over due house update

Okay, obviously this update is way, way, WAY overdue.  Holy cow where did the time go?  Oh, well, I can actually tell you where it went.  It went to painting, laying flooring, installing cabinets and sinks and countertops and carpet and lights and trim…and don’t get me started on the landscaping.  SO.MUCH.LANDSCAPING.  The time also went to a crazy construction loan deadline, moving, a bad run of family health problems, trying to enjoy a tiny bit of the summer we had left and…drum roll….Potty Training!  So, if you’ve wondered why I dropped off the face of the earth.  Well, that’s why.

But lets get to it.  Before I show you some of our completed rooms, I have to show you my boys hard at work


There’s a certain kind of pride that comes with doing it yourself.  Or is that frustration…yeah, that feels a lot like frustration.


Zeke being an awesome assistant as we start laying our floors.


All three of my boys (Dad, hubs and kiddo).  A labor of love.

So, now for the finished product.


I love our kitchen.  We had to make concessions once we ran into the huge cost to fix the driveway.  Unfortunately one of those was our granite (or if I had it my way Quartz) counter tops.  Though I have to say, laminate has really come a long way.  Formica brand had a beautiful faux marble that I loved but I had quite the resistance to it so we settled on this.  I think it breaks up the white quite nicely.

*Counter tops Formica Noir Envision


I love, love, love the white subway tile.  There’s just something so clean about it. We went with a light gray grout.

*Cabinets Aristokraft Benton Birch painted white


Don’t mind our mess.  This picture was taken while we were still working.

*Floors  Mohawk Rare Vintage Earthen 


We have two bathrooms and to make things simple (and to cut down on decisions because we are the worst at making decisions) we kept them them same.  If you remember from my previous posts, our bathrooms where just an utter cluster fahhh…well…they got messed up.  We initially ordered a lighter floor and lighter counter top.  Our flooring company installed the correct counter tops but wrong floors.  We ended up loving the the floors they did install so instead of them correcting their mistake we asked if they’d be willing to change the counter top.  So we did that and they installed the WRONG replacement counter tops.  However, we had 2 days until our construction loan closed and thankfully it went well with the floors.

*Paint Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

*Countertop Wilsonart Skyline Walnut


My Dad was really our savior on this project.  Besides just being a bad ass in the building community, he busted his bad ass to make sure we fulfilled all building requirements in time to close!


And this is just a picture of one of the members of our friendly deer family.

We have been “moved in” for a couple of months now and I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t have one thing hung on the walls.  We still have some boxes that have not been unpacked and we are just getting to the point were we don’t have to vacuum and mop everyday thanks to all the settling saw dust. With the rush to get our Letter of Occupancy before our construction loan expired it left a lot of work to be done.  Just take a look at that back yard where our deer friend is.  And I use the word yard very, very loosely.  Now we are rushing to get a yard seeded before the weather turns it into a mud pit. One of these days we’ll feel settled…one of these days.

More updates to come!