Coping with Baby Girl Envy

It’s no secret that I have always wanted a little girl.  I love crafting pretty things and call me old fashioned, but I’m not gonna craft pretty things for little boys.  Cute?  Yes.  Pretty?  Not so much.  I was confronted with my long going desire for a baby girl this weekend by attending a little girls 1st Birthday and baby girls shower.  I also have another shower next weekend for a baby girl (in which I am in charge of decorations.  Cue ovary explosion here).  Guh!!  Baby girls are everywhere except my womb!  Anyhow…so Baby Girl Envy was in full throttle this weekend.  The hubs and I have talked about having a second in the future but I’m not gonna lie…it terrifies me because I’m convinced we are destined to be a boy family.  Every time I see someone pregnant with a little girl I think to myself “well, they’re taking all the girls!  There won’t be any left for me!”  I know…logical. Can you imagine my inner monologue while pregnant???  But of course, while my ovaries are crying on the inside, I’m smiling on the outside.  The only thing that gets me through it, is creating pretty things for my friends who are stealing all the with baby girls. No that I’ve had myself a little bit of dramatic tantrum, let’s move on.


Years ago, before a baby was even a twinkle in my eye, I opened a shop on Etsy called Peek-a-Boutique where I sell crocheted baby hats (and the occasional adult hat when requested).  It’s been on break for a while because, quite frankly, I have been less than inspired in the baby hat department lately.  However, thanks to my friends stealing all the having baby girls, I have been inspired. I made one bear hat last week for one of the showers and since then I think I’ve made 8 or more.  This last week (when I was not making decorations) I obsessed over these cute bunny and bear hats!


Here’s my pile!  And yes, that is my work desk.  I take my crochet everywhere!  In fact, I get most of it done during my lunch break.



bluebearwatermark bluebunnywatermark bunnyears mintpinkbearwatermark mintpinkbunnywatermark


So, how do I cope with Baby Girl Envy??  By making all the pretty things!! What should I make next?  (Besides my own baby girl 😉 )

***Disclaimer.  Yes, I LOVE my SON!!  Beyond words.  I’ve always wanted a boy too.  Really, I’ve always wanted one of each and if I could paint our family up any way I wanted, it would be boy first.  So I am incredibly grateful for my sweet little boy who made me a Mommy.  And I must have done something right to be in charge of such a lovable, fun, incredibly smart little boy.


Happy Creating!


DIY Toddler Valentines


**Please forgive the pictures.  I didn’t think about pictures until we were already started so my camera phone had to do.**

My toddler is going through a, ummm….we’ll say phase. Dear Lord, please let it just be a phase.  Over night my sweet, fun loving, easy going little dude morphed into a crazy Todzilla.  He’s melting down over EVERYTHING.  He asks for banana and then cries because….I gave him a banana.  Along with the tantrums has come a refusal to sleep. Or I guess it’s probably the other way around.  It’s probably the refusal of sleep that has encouraged the tantrums.  Last night he cried from 1-2:30am.  The only thing that would calm him down was me holding him.  I know I’m not the only who struggles with just wanting to bring your kiddo back to bed when they have a bad night.  The struggle is for real. For.Real.  But! I resisted and did not cave.  Instead I compromised.  I laid on the floor next to his crib holding his sweet little hand through the rails until he calmed down.  About 30 minutes and one very sore arm later, I could hear is breath get calm and steady. I tip toed out of his room and back into bed when I looked at the monitor and saw two huge round staring into the monitor.  5 seconds later he looked for me and when he saw I was gone it was full hysteria.  Again.  By this time I had been up for almost an hour and a half.  I told myself…”10 minutes.  I’ll give him 10 minutes.”  At minute 9 he was jumping up and down calling for Mommy (insert pouty lip and teary eyes here…Mine..not his.)  Then all of the sudden he went from full freak out to silence.  Not another sound was made.  He laid down, grabbed his stuffed giraffe and finally, FINALLY, drifted off to sleep.  90 minutes later my alarm went off.  Gotta love Working Mom Life.


Where was I going with this…?  Oh yes, since he has been a bit of a terror, I have tried to distract him with different activities.  Monday night we did toddler yoga.  Oh my gosh you guys.  If you have a toddler, try it.  It is the most adorable thing.  No need for a video, or class.  Just look up some classic, simple yoga poses and demonstrate for them.  Z’s favorites are Downward Dog, Cobra (or as he calls it, Sleepy) and Downward Dog Split (in his version, he stands up and lifts his leg like a dog peeing on a hydrant).  We’ll definitely continue with the yoga as long as he’s interested.  The comedy of it alone is worth it.


So back to last night.  I decided to distract him with a little art and we made or own Valentines.  Z loves to “watercolor”.  I quote that because he’s more interested in stirring color into the water than actually painting with it.  But, every now and then he makes it onto the paper. We did have 1 meltdown when I told him he could not drink the pretty water though.  (Mom’s can be so mean.)  Anyhow…Here’s what we used.



Watercolor Palette

Paint Brush

Cup of water

Blank Post cards (I didn’t want to use my nice watercolor paper :/ )

Alphabet Stickers


So, this is a super simple DIY for the kiddo.  Mommy (or Daddy or Grandma or Auntie or Uncle or Papa…just somebody) pick a phrase and stick the letters on your “canvas”.  Then let the kiddo paint away.  Once they’re done, let the cards dry and carefully peel off the stickers and Viola!  A piece of Art to give to their loves ( aka Their Mommy’s, naturally 🙂 )

**Tip:  Hold on to old plastic table clothes for arts and craft time.  Hello Dollar Store!  I can’t guarantee it’ll help keep the paint of your kiddo but it will help with your furniture! Then again you could always cut one into the shape of an apron and you’re set!



I personally love the way they turned out.  I tried really hard to let him pick which colors he wanted to use and mix as he wished which, admittedly, is a little tough for me.  Right now every color to Zeke is Yellow, so this is also a great way to practice colors with your kiddo too!


Be forewarned…You can expect your watercolor palette to look like this when it’s all said and done.  But to me, it’s totally worth it.  And by worth it, I mean the palette was only $2.50 (from Michaels with a coupon)!  Plus, it’s watercolor…the palettes clean up easily enough.  I think this DIY would work great with acrylic paints too or even sponge painting for a different look.

Are your kids DIY’ing their VDay cards?  Have you tried watercolor with them?  I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time…Happy Painting!


DIY Valentine Mugs



As you may, or may not know, my husband and I are 7 months into a 6 month 12 month construction project to build our own home.  Things have not gone exactly as planned and due to some unforeseen problems with the seller, the project has doubled in time and exceeded our original budget.  So these days, we are pretty tight with our dollar.  With Valentines Day right around the corner we have alleviated the pressure to buy each other gifts since we’re, momentarily “broke” (but rich in spirit! Haha).  So, we established the “no gifts” rule and then, suddenly, a piercing sound hit my ears.  It was Monica Geller (from Friends) saying “Make the gifts! Make the Gifts!”  Now I don’t have a friend like Phoebe to loan me her sweet sock bunny for the occasion so I turned to a trusty DIY.  The good ol’ Sharpie Mugs.  Did the Friends reference just age me?  I feel like it aged me.






Ceramic Mugs (Dollar Store)

Oil Based Sharpie Paint Pens (I have a Painted by Me ceramic paint pen from Joann’s that works well too)

Rubbing Alcohol (for mistakes as I made many!)

Qtips/Cotton Balls (to wipe up my many mistakes)


  • Clean the mugs with Rubbing Alcohol
  • Draw to your hearts content
  • For mistakes simply use a cotton ball or Qtip with Rubbing Alcohol and wipe off paint
  • Place the mugs on a cookie sheet in a cold oven.  Set the oven temp to 350 degrees
  • “Bake” for 30 minutes and turn off oven.  Leave the mugs in the oven until the oven is completely cooled.
  • Wait 72 hours, yes 72 hours, before using the mugs.


**Hand wash mugs only.
***I did notice that the gold Sharpie still chipped off even after using this method.  If you’ve figured out a better method for the metallic sharpies, spill!


Here’s my final product!  Obviously I just can’t resist a cute Pun.  The bacon one is sure to be a favorite!



Have you tried the Sharpie Coffee Mugs?  Did you learn any good secrets?  Please dish!


Happy Crafting!