Tissue Paper Pumpkins – Easy No Carve DIY Pumpkin



Well, we’re on the countdown to Halloween and I’m using up all my pretty little pumpkins.   I love pumpkins and every fall I collect them.  We’re talking the real deal too, not the fake ones.  It’s kind of a hoarders habit because I don’t always know what to do with them.  In fact the ones we picked up over the weekend from the pumpkin patch are still just sitting in the garage.  I’m use they’ll find their way to the porch before the trick-or-treaters come.  I hope…

Thankfully this last pumpkin I decorated can continue to live out it’s Fall days without looking like Halloween leftovers.  This fancy little fella looks like it’s ready for tea time.  Like it could get chummy with some fine china!  This gem was made with 6 easy supplies and cost somewhere around 60 cents.  We have an incredible patch near us that had all their pumpkins, and I do mean ALL of them, for $1 each.  The cute little white ones were 3/$1!  I love that place.  If you’re from the Puyallup area, or there about, you should definitely check out Sterino Farms.




White Pumpkin (orange will show through the tissue paper)

Tissue Paper

Mod Podge (I use this stuff for everything!)

Sponge Brush

Paint & Paint brush (optional for stem)

I have seen a couple different ways to Mod Podge a pumpkin.  I chose to cut my tissue paper into stripes so that I was able to work with it a little easier and I could chose my pattern as I went.




Brush a thin layer of the Mod Podge on small area of the pumpkin.  Lay you tissue paper over the Mod Podge and smooth down against your pumpkin.  Continue to work in small sections until your pumpkin is completely covered.  It’s okay to wrinkle your tissue paper.  It doesn’t need to be perfect!  (That’s kind of my motto for all crafting!)  Once it is covered paint a very think layer of Mod Podge over your tissue paper to seal it.  Let dry.  If you chose to (and I think it completes the project) paint the stem with a coordinating color.  My paper had gold in it so I used a gold metallic paint on the stem. Plus it matched my Washi Tape Pumpkin that I made a couple of days ago.

Now you have a beautiful pumpkin that can hang around with that fancy dinner china that you only break out for
Thanksgiving and Christmas!


Happy Crafting!



Throw Back Thursday & Cat in the Hat


I can’t believe Halloween is in 2 days!!  Where did October go?  Today is the last costume throw back and it is my favorite because it was our first ever Family Costume!  Zeke’s nursery is done in Dr. Seuss and so that has become the theme of his first year.  All of his monthly pictures were some form of Dr. Seuss so of course we had to pick a Dr. Seuss character for his first Halloween costume.  He was 5 months and being a preemie was still pretty tiny so we didn’t want to do any too crazy. I had already crocheted a Cat in that Hat hat and bow tie for his 2 month photo so I used that for my starting off point.  Here is a great pattern to try.  I also crocheted a basic beanie using a furry yarn.   I stitched on some crocheted cat ears to the striped hat and then stitched the striped hat to the beanie.  When it came to the body suit I took a basic black onesie and just ironed on a patch of fuzzy white fabric using fusible bonding web.  Then I hand stitched the bow tie to the bodysuit.  I finished it off with black pants.  I used a little bit of liquid eyeliner to draw some whiskers and a black nose on the little guy and viola! We had ourselves the cutest little Cat in the Hat there ever was!





12189139_10153359812959121_658871091682065454_n (1)


This was the first year my husband and I actually bought our costumes.  We had planned to make them but with a new baby we were busy, sleep deprived and I had just started back at work after maternity leave.  We happened to run across the costumes while looking for supplies to make it.  But that’s alright.  It was our first Halloween as our new little family and I loved everything about it!


Happy Halloweening!!



Work Out Wednesday – Back and Biceps



Happy Workout Wednesday!!  I must admit, I am a little off this week as far as my schedule goes.  We had child care fall through on Monday so I got to stay home from work and have a Zeke-Mommy Day!  It was awesome to get a glipse of the Stay At Home Mom life. I loved it!  Maybe one day…a girl can dream!

Well today was Back and Bicep day.  It’s not my favorite day, in fact I used to neglect it big time.  Then, I started changing my goals from things like….I want to drop 5lbs or I want to be a size 2 (um…never happened) to my new goals such as I want to master the handstand, do the splits, do a pull up!  And of course, in order to do a pull up you not only need strong biceps but also a strong back.  So, I started dedicating one of my days to Back and Biceps. Which, quite frankly, I should have been working anyhow.  Below is my routine for my back and biceps




Happy Sweating!




Washi Tape Pumpkins – An Easy Fall DIY

PicsArt_10-26-06.49.50 (1)



I can’t believe it’s already the week of Halloween!  This whole week is like Christmas Eve for me, I just love it that much!  We have made 3 trips to the pumpkin patch and my sweet monster of a toddler has more “punkas” than he knows what to do with.  I picked up a few Jarrahdales and they are my new favorite pumpkin.  They are those eery blue pumpkins that kind of look like a big bruise.  They’re beautiful in the sickly kind of a way.  That has absolutely nothing to do with this post so…moving on.

I was so busy with finishing our family costumes over the weekend that I literally had about 20 minutes to come up with a DIY pumpkin.  I needed a quick, no mess project and this pumpkin DIY is exactly that.





Washi or Foil Tape


Paint & Paint brush (optional)

Okay…try to follow me here.  This is a tough one.  Peel tape, cut out desired shape, stick to pumpkin.  That’s it!  This is one for the small kiddos too.  I chose to paint the stem in a metallic rose gold to match the tape but it’s not necessary.  I did the very trendy and overly done chevron design.  (Chevron is everywhere but I still love it) Try triangles or stripes.  Pick up some pretty arrow or polka dot stickers.  Whatever tickles your creative fancy!

There you have it.  No carve, no mess DIY pumpkins.

Happy Crafting!



Throw Back Thursday & Jack and Sally



It’s Throw Back Thursday again and today I’m throwing back to my husbands favorite costume.  The Nightmare Before Christmas is a favorite of ours so of course we had to go as Jack Skellington and Sally!  This costume was quite the undertaking.  There was pattern making, fabric design, sewing, plaster, sculpting, painting, power tools, lots of hair pulling and late nights.  In the end we loved the costumes and we had a blast.  When people stop and ask to take pictures with you, you know you’ve created something fun!

The thing about this costume was we could actually buy from the Halloween store but a) we don’t like to buy our costumes and b) the Sally costume was way too bright.   It’s like the designer had never seen the movie!  It’s dark and gritty and that’s what we wanted to go for.  The next challenge was to find fabric with designs like Sally.  No luck…



So I bought solid color fabrics and drew the designs on with a fabric marker.  It was a bit time consuming but I love doodling and worked out great.  Once I was done drawing all the designs I patched the fabric together and sewed her up.  For Sally’s arms and legs I bought 2 pairs of light blue tights.  I could the legs off one pair to use on my arms.  I took the fabric marker and drew the stitching on.  My favorite makeup artist had not yet done a tutorial on Sally (so I blame her for my bad makeup job! (;  ) but she has one now so I highly suggest taking a look at it if you plan on going as Sally.  Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup Tutorial.  I added thread using eyelash glue to the stitching on my face.  It worked great and they stayed all night!


Jack was the tough one.  My adorable husband really got into this one.  He loved it so much we still have Jacks head in our storage unit.  It’s a little worse for wear but I have a feeling it’ll be sticking around for a while.  He started with a giant plastic jack-o-lantern and we attached an old hard hat to the inside.  From there he paper mache’d over it to smooth its surface and build up the brow, eyes and mouth.  He cut out the eyes and nose.  Next he covered it with plaster.  After a lot of sanding and sculpting it was ready for paint.




I took on the job of created Jack’s suit.  This was actually kind of fun for me.  We found a black suit at the thrift shop and I just painted on white stripes with puff paint.  I also cut his bat tie out of black foam and puff painted the spider on it.






Us with our prizes for Best Costume!

There you have it!  Jack Skellington and Sally!


Happy Haunting!





Work Out Wednesday & Lower Body Strength Training


Happy Work Out Wednesday lovelies!  I hope you’ve had a wonderfully active week so far.  I am so happy to be lifting heavy again.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my HIIT workouts but I slacked far too long in the weight room after Zeke was born.  Making it to the gym just isn’t enough, we have to work hard while there!  You know, make it worth our time.

Today was my Lower Body day which just so happens to be my favorite!  Seriously, if you have not gotten acquainted with squats, get to know them and make them you BFF.  Squats are the best thing to happen to a females body.  Along with squats, here are my favorite go to lower body moves.


If you are unfamiliar with these moves uncomfortable start by practicing the moves with no weights.  Get comfortable with the proper form because neglecting your form is the quickest way to sideline your training.  I see people doing Romanian Deadlifts and Squats wrong ALL.THE.TIME. and it seriously makes me cringe. Check out the following links if you’d like to learn how to these exercises.










Happy lifting!


Lace & Glitter Pumpkins – Pretty Pumpkin Series

Lace & Glitter Pumpkins


Hello all!  I’m back with another ridiculously easy pumpkin DIY.  As you can see I’m sticking with the black and white theme again this week.  I’m really digging the pretty goth feel.  This weekend I prettied up some pumpkins using lace and glitter and it was so easy!  So this tutorial (if you can call it that) will be short and sweet.



Spray Paint (I chose flat black)
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Lace stickers
Tip:  You can use real lace too and cut out the design you choose!

how to

Here’s the how to, short and sweet as I promised.  Wash and dry your pumpkin.  Spray paint your pumpkin and let dry.  For the glitter pumpkin, paint on a thin layer of the Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter.  With this pumpkin I only wanted to glitter the top and let it fade to the flat black. I loved the way it turned out! For the lace stickers pumpkin…apply the stickers as desired.  You can use fabric lace cutouts just as easily.  Just brush some Mod Podge on the back of the lace and apply to the pumpkin. These pumpkins were really so simple that they don’t really need much of a tutorial.  I will give you a tip though. Place the stickers carefully.  When I tried to move the sticker it pulled the paint up with it.


Have you used these techniques to decorate pumpkins?  I would love to see them.  I really think white pumpkins with black lace would be beautiful too.  I may have to make some!

Happy decorating!


Throw Back Thursday & Snidely Whiplash & Nell Fenwick


Happy TBT!!  I’m excited to share this costume with you because it is one of my favorites to create and one of my favorite characters to actually be.  Some of you may be familiar with Dudley Do-Right, the happy, dim-witted Canadian Mountie.  And if you are, then you may vaguely remember his arch nemesis Snidely Whiplash and crush Nell Fenwick.  If you’re not familiar that’s okay too.  This costume was more commonly referred to as the Villain and Damsel in Distress.


I think this may have also been my husbands favorite characters to be because it gave him license to grow a bit of a gnarly
mustache.  Aside from his ‘stache Snidely is known for his black top hat, green skin and long nose.  Of course we have to do it right so we grabbed some nose putty and green face paint from a costume store.   We did a “dry run” the night before our Halloween party to make sure we knew how to put his makeup together.  The nose putty worked surprisingly well and it’s inexpensive so totally worth it.  It did only last about 4 hours but we are pretty active party guests so I was pleased with that.  Plus it lasted long enough for us to win the costume contest!  For Snidely’s outfit the hubs wore black slacks, black boots, white button up shirt, black cape and over course the signature Top Hat. He also made his “explosives” by painting cardboard tubes red, wrapping them together and attaching thin white rope.  He was very proud of his prop and of course so was I!

For Nell, I was able to find the dress at a thrift shop.  It was actually sleeveless so I sewed some very crude puffy sleeves to it and from that fabric ripped a wide piece to make a large bow for my hair.  I don’t have a picture of the bow but you can see it poking out from behind me.  I bought a pair of ruffle socks and had the shoes.  For the railroad tracks (which of course completed the whole costume!) we hit the local hardware store for some plywood, an aluminum tube and rope.  We had them cut it to size for us and we just glued the wood slats to our (now) 2 pieces of aluminum.  I tied a bunch of rope around my waist for the appearance of being tied to it but I wanted to be able to take the rails off easily so we went with a backpack style and just attached a couple pieces of rope to the tracks so I could slip my arms in.




We had such a blast with this costume.  The hubs was in character all night twirling his mustache and abducting his damsel while I had my choice of superhero’s coming to my rescue!  Have you planned this years costume yet?  We’re coming up to the 2 week countdown to Halloween!

Happy Haunting!


Work Out Wednesday



It’s work out Wednesday already!! This week has sure flown by so far.  I did a heavy leg day yesterday and I’ll be honest, today’s HIIT was a bit brutal for me.  I work out Monday-Friday alternating days of weight training and HIIT workouts.  I’m finally getting my rhythm back in the weight room after having Zeke (it only took 15 months!) and I’m definitely paying for it today!

I did today’s exercises for 25 seconds each with a rest time of 10 seconds.  As always adjust according to your fitness level.  I suggest 20-45 seconds.  I use weights for a couple of the moves but that is not necessary.  Add them for the extra challenge or drop them for body weight moves.


Repeat 3 Times

Here are some links if you are unfamiliar with some of the moves.

Dive Bombers     Up Down Plank    Plank with Knee    Plank Jacks    Flutter Kicks     Frogger     Plank w/Shoulder Touch

As you can see, I have my favorite go to exercises, Burpees being one of them.  Okay, maybe I’m using the word “favorite” a bit loosely considering I have a long going love/hate relationship with Burpees.  Do you have any favorite go to’s?


Until next time!

Happy HIIT’ing!